• A700-C01AL-S

C01AL-S Alloy Lower Deck (Soft)

The 2mm thick chassis lowers the center of gravity even further on the A700 series of cars. The chassis is even narrower than the C01L design.

The chassis requires the use of either AM30-1 or AM30-5 -- Chassis Stiffners.  

The C01AL-S is designed to work with the P06-1 Downstop Collars, but the P06 Downstop Collars can be used if glued into the chassis.

Recommend C01AL-S chassis only for very experienced drivers and car's builders. This chassis needs the additional measures to keep it at the flat state.

Chassis requires a medium size box during purchase

Features a shorter overall wheelbase by 1.9mm. 1.1mm shorter in the front. 0.8mm shorter in the rear

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  • Brand: Awesomatix
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