The new Floating Front Gearbox design that lets the front gearbox float inside the outer frame during acceleration or deceleration. The gearbox can move left and right and rotate on some angle with the main goal of this setups is to prevent the chassis flex from affecting the shaft transmission as it can happen with conventional layouts. The new design eliminates this problem by using a lightweight carbon tube bar that withstands the transmission’s torque keeping the main chassis free from drivetrain influences. With the new design drivers are also able to run the car without any top deck by simply using the carbon rod.

NOTE - FFG1.1 is available as of July 2014.  FFG1.1 refines the initial design based upon team driver usage and feedback.

Part include:

  • AM40 FFG Rear Plate
  • AM41 FFG Gear Box Support
  • AM42-1 FFG Links Holder Front
  • AM43-1 FFG Bulkhead  x2
  • AM44-1 FFG Gear Box
  • AM46-1 FFG Front Plate
  • AM48 FFG Main Shaft Support
  • AM49 FFG Tower
  • AM50 FFG Rear Stopper
  • AM54-1 FFG Links Holder Rear
  • AM56 FFG Clamping Bar
  • AT31 FFG Alloy Rod
  • ST24/2 4.8mm Ball Stud  x2
  • DT04 FFG Collar  x2
  • B74RS/3 MR74RS Bearing  x3
  • SF3X6 M3x6 Flat Head Screw  x4
  • SB3X5/1 M3x5 Button Head Screw 
  • SB25X8/2 M2.5x8 Button Head Screw  x2
  • SC2X6 M2x6 Cap Head Screw  x4

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