• A700-FCB

FCB - Flexible Caster Block Set is now available.  Initially developed as a solution for the front of the car to help gain more steering especialy on asphalt tracks, recently this part has seen action at the rear of cars too!


  1. Adjustable caster flex level -- to make metal AM06 hubs work similar to plastic c-hubs
  2. Simple camber adjusting without turning of the top turnbuckles
  3. Fixed Caster Mode also available
  4. Simple caster adjustment, when in Fixed Caster Mode, without turning of the turnbuckles (you adjust a set screw)
  5. Camber flex configuration is possible with option inner o-rings



  • A700-P36 FCB Body x2
  • A700-P38 FCB Link x2
  • A700-ST24-2 4.8m Ball Stud x2
  • A700-ST33 FCB Screw x2
  • A700-P13-4 Ball End x2
  • A700-SH3x5x0.1 3x5x0.1mm shim X4
  • A700-SPR07 E-Ring x10
  • A700-ST10-2 2mm Pin x2
  • A700-SB2.5x5 M2.5x5 Button Head Screw x2
  • A700-SS3x3 M3x3 Set Screw x4
  • A700-SS3x4 M3x4 Set Screw x4
  • A700-AT33 FCB Hex Shim x2
  • A700-OR08 FCB O-Ring x2

Does not include:

  • Tie Rods - AT14 or AT25
  • Inner link Ball Ends at the end of the tie-rods

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