• Phat Dad Racing Final Drive Ratio (FDR) Checker

The FDR Checker is designed to measure the final drive ratio (FDR) of a brushless electric radio controlled model. It can be used for scrutineering purposes or simply if you want to verify what gear ratio you've put into your car.

With the included y-adapter, it senses the brushless motor's rotation and if not connected to the car's axle, will display the RPM of the motor. By holding the arbor against the wheel nut of the car, the unit will display the final drive ratio. Two different-sized hex nuts are supported by the easily swappable arbors.

The FDR Checker was created to help avoid any doubt over what ratio has been configured in an RC chassis. Some racers will use it to check the ratio and it can also be used by race officials to check the ratio if/when a limit on those has been specified by a club or event.

The FDR Checker features a small rechargeable cell that should allow for 12 hours or more of continuous operation, but since typical use is only a few seconds at time, it shouldn't need recharging very often. A Mini USB port is fitted to allow for recharging and indicator lights show "charging"/"charged" status. The unit is unique in terms of size, portability and functionality.

Manufacturers web site: https://www.tindie.com/stores/phatdadracing/

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Phat Dad Racing Final Drive Ratio (FDR) Checker

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