BS Works first product -- Awesomatix Mid Motor Fan Mount


  • 3D printed fan mount
  • M2.5x6mm screw
Not Included:

  • 30mm fan
  • 4 screws to mount 30mm fan to mount - We recommend the WTF3010 BH 9 Blade (pictured) or WTF3010
  • Awesomatix car kit
  • Race winning skill

Assembly instructions

  1. Put the M2.5x6mm screw in location such that the 3D printed fan mount will attached to the Awesomatix A800MMX / A800MMXA Motor Mount (A800-AM177)
  2. Install a 30mm fan onto the 3D printed fan mount using m3x12mm or 14mm or 16mm screws (not provided)
  3. There is a small opening in the side of the 3D printed fan for your allen driver to slide in to reach the M2.5x6mm screw.  Attach the 3D fan mount to the Motor Mount
  4. Attach your 30mm fan to your desired electrical connection
  5. Go racing and win!

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BS Works Awesomatix A800MMX Fan Mount

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