• SPR-2006

Terry Servo Plug and Pins are an alternative to other RC servo plug and pin sets that are either always out of stock or just too darn expensive. Terry Servo Plug and Pins create a male connector suitable for replacing the plugs on servos, esc and fans so that they can be plugged into a receiver.

The Servo Plug is square in shape -- not fancy and curved to specifically fit Futaba, JR, Airtronics receivers. Two seconds of time spent with an x-acto knife can easily get the Servo Plugs to fit into any receiver by removing the unnecessary proprietary nubs locking you into more expensive choices.

The Servo Pins are gold plated just like the other guys. Unlike the other guys I throw in an extra set of pins within every six pack of Terry Servo Plugs and Pins. I find that every time I'm re-wiring a servo, speed or Seis Fan I can mess up one or two pins leaving me with a bunch of extra plugs.

Why name the product Terry?

I remember the first time I had ordered Servo plugs online, and I thought the right item to get was a 'female' plug set, just to find on the day they arrived that I really needed the 'male' plug set. Because of this -- I've choosen a name, Terry, where you don't know if it is really a boys' or girls' name.

Parts Included

  • 6 Terry Servo Plugs
  • 21 Terry Servo Pin (yes, that is three extra pins to make mistakes with)

Parts Not Included

  • A tool to crimp servo pins to 20-30 gauge wire

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